Around the Block: Anti-clockwise

At the end of the block, by the river, is a nature reserve called ‘Caesars Place’.  


Once upon a time this reserve was a horse paddock and a lovely old fellow called Caesar resided here. Each afternoon he would amble up to the fence to greet the children on their way home from school. Caesar was a neighbourhood favourite. 


These days Caesar is long gone. The council resumed the land for public use and partnered with a local bush care group to revegetate the area. I’m glad that they chose to name the reserve after him. 


It’s a lovely tranquil spot and in all the times I’ve been here I’ve never encountered anyone else.  I don’t think too many people realise that, tucked away behind the bushes,  there’s a lovely little picnic spot with a view of the river where it’s possible to forget that you’re in a noisy city. 



Hi and Why


Why does the world need another blog? It doesn’t. But I need somewhere to collect thoughts and ideas.

Whenever friends and family from interstate and overseas ask about things to see and do in the area my mind goes blank (there’s many circumstances where my mind goes blank but that’s another story…) 

Here at my Place is where I plan to collect and share the stories and images of the people, places and things that make up my city, my neighbourhood and my home. 

I’ll start with what I see when I walk out my front door – a beautiful Jacaranda tree that we planted to mark the new century.  It towers over the house now and it’s gorgeous when it’s in flower.